Recover deleted Whatsapp messages trick

So, We are sharing amazing method to recover deleted messages on Whatsapp which are accidentaly deleted. AS, Now a days Whatsapp is not only used for chatting, flirting etc, but it is also used as way of conveying important messages. whatsapp Whatsapp is used by billions of users daily. Every group age of people are using this application whether he is old man, a business man , a teenager or a child. So, We are sharing amazing trick to recover deleted messages on Whatsapp.

About using this trick:

You can restore Whatsapp messages only and only, if you have installed Whatsapp 24 hours before, otherwise this method will not work, as Whatsapp take backup usually after 4AM. Hope, its clear for you, WHat we are going to follow now without any kind of problem 😀

Note: Same trick also applies to Whatsmapp as well.

Procedure to recover deleted Whatsapp messages trick:

  1. Download and Install ES File Explorer.
  2. Take backup of your ROM.
  3. Take apk backup of Whatsapp using ES File Explorer.
  4. Now, Uninstall Whatsapp.
  5. Install Whatsapp again using this apk.
  6. Now, Verify your number.
  7. It will ask you to restore your messages again.
  8. Viola! You have successfully restored messages without any kind of issue or problem.


It was all about working method to restore deleted messages which is deleted few hours ago. You can use this trick to restore your messages easily without any kind of problem. If this trick does not work for you, then you can follow below method to restore deleted Whatsapp Messenger messages without any kind of problem. Would, You like to share any problem below in comments?


Root android mobile with Framaroot Easily!

So guys,

We are back again with amazing trick to root android mobile without PC. We are sharing a new application which is knows as FramaRoot which can root your mobile easily with just one click of your finger.

root android mobile

Features of Rooting Android Mobile with FramaRoot:

There are some best features of rooting android mobile without pc.

  1. Increase performance of your android mobile without any kind of problem.
  2. Overclock android mobile
  3. Increase amount of ram.
  4. Increase internal memory
  5. You can run some awesome root apps.
  6. You can change android launcher as well.

How to root android me easily using FramaRoot:

To root android mobile, you can download FramaRoot from here.

Open FramaRoot.

Click on Boromir.

It will show success message.

Now, Restart your android mobile and you will get your android mobile rooted.

How to check If phone is rooted or not?

Simply, Download Root Checker app from here.

Simply, Click on Check root, whether your phone is rooted or not.

Enjoy your rooted android mobile.